1. From May

    by Drew

  2. photo by Drew

  4. heckphoto:

    Eli Hollow

    from last year

  5. elisleepless:

    walking around Astor Place and Brooklyn Heights

    taking in the color and the movement

  6. 1) how i look now.

    2) how i look with 1 of my 4 wigs. 

  7. self portraits 2012-2014


  9. i bought my own first table and chair set ever. 

    bought an amazing bed and a giant bookshelf.  it feels like my books have a real home again instead of a floor or scattered boxes.

    and! i now have a beautiful fluffy grey cat named Santo. he is the opposite of the cat i had before…i miss her, i miss her nervousness and attitude but this guy is so sweet and mellow. he’s not a replacement. he’s a very different companion.

    i’ve been so focused on living and organizing that i haven’t had time or felt like being on social media sites so much. i did a shoot recently that i’ll post photos of eventually.  

    right now it feels like a lot of things are happening at the same time (in a really new and amazing way i’m not used to) but i feel like i’m waiting for things to settle. 

  10. me and the Mississippi river

    in Dinkytown Minneapolis

    in a college building  bathroom

  11. sun/soak

  12. sun/bath

    by JR Allison

  13. the-past-imperfect:

    if the White Lodge had a bathroom this would be it


  14. flying to minneapolis for the weekend. friday to monday to visit a friend and get new york off my skin for a few days. no work and no cameras besides my own.  i dislike flying but love airports and have good feelings about all of it.

    next time i fly somewhere i think i’d like to do some shoots. strongly leaning towards nashville for a 7 day trip.

    see posts below about my possible/probable upcoming head-shaving. i’ll be posting a few photos from my mohawk/short hair days.