1. sun/soak

  2. sun/bath

    by JR Allison

  3. the-past-imperfect:

    if the White Lodge had a bathroom this would be it


  4. flying to minneapolis for the weekend. friday to monday to visit a friend and get new york off my skin for a few days. no work and no cameras besides my own.  i dislike flying but love airports and have good feelings about all of it.

    next time i fly somewhere i think i’d like to do some shoots. strongly leaning towards nashville for a 7 day trip.

    see posts below about my possible/probable upcoming head-shaving. i’ll be posting a few photos from my mohawk/short hair days.

  5. photos by George Pitts (2012)


  6. shorn

    i’m thinking of shaving my head in the next month or 2 for various reasons. i’ll be fine shooting with or without a wig (i own at least 3 realistic looking ones) but if you’re interested in shooting me with my actual hair it would be wise to hit me up soon.

    let’s not forget how different i look with short hair…photo by aaron kinney

  7. contact

  8. coagulated

    by you and me

  11. my pulse was checked repeatedly

  13. long walks in the city

  14. Bob Coulter was just too funny